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Avant Garde Creations by Hideki Seo

  Check out the designer Hideki Seo‘s latest book with all sorts of avant-garde creations. Apparently, he works closely with designer Azzedine Alaia on a technical clothing-making level. I can’t help but think of NYC’s Muffinhead … It’s like the chicken or … Continue reading

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Can you spare a square?

Check out this dress made of TOILET PAPER! The gold is tape, which gives it a little bit of baroque glamour.  Olivia Mears made this spectacular dress for a contest organized by toilet paper giant, Charmin. I love how it’s a mullet … Continue reading

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Vintage Wood

Believe it or not, American artist Ron Isaacs carved these pieces out of wood! They totally look like articles of clothing, but really, they are stiff as a board! I love this! This would look great hanging in an outdoor shower … Continue reading

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Garfield x Lazy Oaf

Remember that fat cat that loves lasagna, watches TV all day and has that droning, monotone voice? Garfield….. anywho, that lazy ass managed to get a  merchandising deal with Lazy Oaf! It’s a match made in heaven! Even though I’m … Continue reading

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Red Valentine- Fall 2014- Fairest of the All!

HOW BRILLIANT IS THIS!? As a huge fan of Snow White (and also my style icon), this collection is perfection… it’s not at all costume-y and actually very chic and modern. The pocketbooks are so rad, especially, the one that … Continue reading

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Caged Dresses

Vietnamese Nguyen Cong Tri these beautiful cage dresses that make smuggling a small family of kitties really easy. I’d stuff a Miggins in my shoulder, a Mimi under my skirt, etc…. Nguyen ( PS. I know about 4 ‘Nguyens’. It must … Continue reading

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The Wearable Art of Matjia Cop

  Okay, that dress in the first photo reminds me of this cat helicopter that is so so wrong on every level, floor, and basement. There’s no telling where designer Matjia Cop got the inspiration, but I think it’s safe to say she … Continue reading

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