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Japan’s Bunka College Fashion Contest Winners

These were the winners of Japan’s Fashion school, Bunka College. I love seeing student work because they design for fun,  not just to sell garments. Also, it’s gives me an easy target. Any who, these were all messed up in … Continue reading

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Ummmm……There’s a Cat attacking your head…….

I’m all about putting a cat on your head, but there’s something not right about this particular kitty. Japanese designer Campanella had the right idea, but lost it somewhere between the crazed-cat eyes and the stiff thin body. Seriously, they should’ve … Continue reading

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Chanel- Spring- Haute Couture- 2015- Blooming Beauties…

It was flowers upon flowers upon flowers at the Chanel couture show this season…. Krypt Keeper Karl must’ve just discovered these blooming beauties on his rare walk in the park in the daylight. I mean, he must never see flowers since … Continue reading

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Ulyana Sergeenko- Spring- Haute Couture- 2015- Gorgeous!

   The attention to detail in Ulyana’s collections is incomparable… did you know that all the embroidery and stitching is done by hand by 100 super-talented seamstresses? This season, I’ drooling over the rooster handbags and the pink cape. Sooooo, … Continue reading

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Alexis Mabille- Spring- Haute Couture- 2015- My Fave Looks…

  The hottest look from the OTHER Alexis’ collection. Look at that BOW! photos: Style Tweet Like this:Like Loading…

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Tour de Fork

What in dainty afternoon tea- wear is this lovely thing? It’s a  Tour de Fork – acrylic rings to hold your bite-sized nom nom for a few seconds before you devour it. Totally a necessary object. The best part is using … Continue reading

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Giambattista Valli- Spring- Haute Couture – 2015-Bows and Veils

  I always knew that the quickest way to make any outfit super duper fancy was to cover half your face with a polka-dotted veil. Either that or wear ripped fishnets with thigh high boots. Any who, these were my … Continue reading

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