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A Very Special Gift from Misikko!

I was having a craptastic sort of day, until I received a fabulous box of goodies from the people at Misikko- it truly brightened my day. The highlight of all the goodies was the Hana ceramic flat iron with tourmaline. This bad boy is serious stuff- it’s the flat iron that most professionals use and it doesn’t damage your hair.  It came with a travel pouch, heat proof silicone mat and a tin case for storage.

I gave this flat iron a test drive and I have to say, my hair is super thick and can get frizzy if I let it air dry with no product or anything done to my hair. I had this crappy non-ceramic flat iron that I would occasionally use, but it never really worked that well and it was starting to damage my hair. So I stopped using it. So, it was Hana Salon ‘s turn. Because it’s ceramic, it doesn’t chip or anything to expose your hair to metal which can damage your hair, plus the heat is evenly distributed. Anyway, I was surprised by how fast it heat up and how fast it straightened my hair. I had to go over one chunk of hair several times with the other iron, but with the Hana iron I only had to do it once and it became super straight. So, I highly recommend this iron if you have thick hair or really frizzy, curly hair. It’s pretty amazing.

If you want to see more selection of flat irons at Misikko, check out this link –Croc Hair Straighteners . Misikko also sells professional hairdryers, curling irons, hair care products, makeup, hair extensions and gift sets. If you are sending a gift out to someone from Misikko, they do a great job at packaging the products beautifully with lots of pink satin and BOWS! Anywho, it looks like I’m back to the straight hair style again!

Special Thanks to Misikko!

photos: Misikko

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