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A Warm Welcome for Mr. Miggins!

Shaken, not stirred. Miggins. Mr. Miggins.


It is my pleasure to announce the introduction of the fantastical Mr. Miggins to the family! Mr. Miggins came into our life shortly after the passing of Miss Darcheen and Mr. Marmar. It was really by chance, because I was not planning on getting another cat for at least a few more months. I first saw Mr. Miggins on the facebook of Helping Persian Cats, a recsue group based out of Beverly Hills. They posted a photo of the cutest Mr. Marmar look-a-like. It was Miggins in a cage in a shelter in the Southern part of Los Angeles. As soon as I saw his big copper eyes and professor face, I knew I had to have him. Fate really played a part because I was on a trip to Disneyland when they posted his first picture of him. Thank goodness for iPhones! Anywho, after about a month, Mr. Miggins was ready to be adopted and they chose us as his furrrrrever home! Thank you, Helping Persian Cats for finding our baby bear!

Here are a few stats about Mr. Miggins:

-We think he was raised with a dog because he sort of acts like a dog. A bull dog to be exact!

-He follows you everywhere!

-He’s deaf. But cats don’t listen anyway.

-He loves to play with his food.

-Laid down the law with Miss Coco and Miss Mimi a few times BUT, Miss Mimi did kick his butt. She’s half his size.

-He’s about 8 lbs and has a lion cut. I will be growing out his hair, so he will be a fluff a muff again.

-Super duper playful

He’s sort of a young Mr. Marmar, I guess…..but more mischievous! Welcome home, Mr. Miggins!

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photos: Moi, Helping Persian Cats

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