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Adam London’s “Laughternoon” Review by Emmanuel Itier



We have been coming to Las Vegas as a family for the last 12 years and I remember coming here some 35 years ago just at the beginning of what is now the biggest entertainment capital of the World! And every time I cannot stop being mesmerized by the innovative spirit of this “Out of this World” planet! And, indeed, Vegas is a planet of its own, not only with its famous strip, but also with its iconic Downtown and the famous Fremont street. This is where it all started and this is where you should venture if you want to get a taste of the extraordinary and of the unconventional. This is where we met the now famous Adam London for a “Laughternoon” show full of wacky, comedic magic!


As you enter the small venue at the D hotel where Adam London has been selling out shows non-stop, you are welcomed by a warm, open space with an inviting stage, dressed with a simple table, chair and microphone. This simple, intimate and charming set up makes it perfect to relax and almost “detox” from the Vegas madness. It’s also the perfect way to go down the rabbit hole and get prepared to encounter a man with heart and intelligence as wide as his rubber-ducky tie. Ducks is one of the obsession of Adam’s and he is known to have a collection of over 1,200 little ones at home. This sense of delightful humor is what separates Adam from the large amount of other Vegas magicians who seem a bit arrogant and pretentious, at times. On the contrary, from the get go, Adam makes himself accessible to the audience. He makes sure this is not a narcissistic spread of his skills, but rather an inter-active experience where one, like myself, shouldn’t be surprised to end up on the stage as a brave and innocent apprentice and join him with some breathtaking tricks. The tricks remain, for sure, the force of this show mixing a mind-trick experience to some magic card extravaganzas with mesmerizing, slight-of-hand twists. What is touching our hearts, as well, is the generosity of Adam London as this year he is making sure to donate a portion of his revenues to local schools and charities. For him it’s a gesture, a “Thank you”, to the community who made the show a success.


Truly this was the perfect way to spend a quality family time at 4pm tea and cookie time! We all got to take a picture with Adam and even got him to sign our very own yellow rubber ducky! What a magical moment! Keep on squeaking, Mister Adam London, we are applauding all wings out!

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