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Alvaro Villarrubia Stunning Photography

You may have seen Photographer Alvaro Villarrubia ‘s work in Swatch and Levi’s campaigns and also fashion magazines like Elle. I really like his work and  how it’s so clean and streamlined. The fashion choices are pretty awesome, too. My favorite has to be the lady dripping in rhinestones! I’m a recovering rhinestone fanatic. There were days where I would rhinestone anything and everything. I used to wear every known piece of rhinestone jewelry at once and snag every stocking and sweater in my way. Today, I don’t jewel up so much because I have to handle a small child and don’t want to scrape him. The things I give up. I also don’t pile on jewelry anymore because frankly, it was so damn heavy, it was causing me to get arthritis. Now that is glamour! Anywho, check out Alvaro Villarrubia‘s site for celebrity portraits (like Dita Von Teese), too.

PS – That lady has a mini-me on her shoulder. It reminds me of the mini-martian in The Flintstones named Gazoo! I don’t know why.

photos: Alvaro Villarrubia

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