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Anrealage- Spring 2017- “Augmented Reality”

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Anrealage has been pretty fashion-forward and now you can say they are technology-forward, too. Here’s what Vogue had to say about it:

“Morinaga’s silhouettes tended toward the ample: flowing caped cocoon shapes and skirts, wide slit-leg trousers, tops with trenchcoat detailing, and boxy shifts with thick black bands binding the biceps to the body. All were black and white, and all would be affected by the AR readers, which showed hidden messages and motifs, or played sounds (created by Ichiro Yamaguchi of Sakanaction) that were inspired by the messaging. (The shifts, which boasted torso-length words like “High,” or “Silence,” simply repeated that word aloud, rather matter-of-factly.) The AR app, called Anrealage_AR3, will be made available to the public for free after October 3. The show notes stated that augmented reality is related to a more general concept called mediated reality, “in which a view of reality is modified (perhaps even diminished, rather than augmented) by a computer.””- excerpt from Vogue.com

Wowie wow wow! All I can think of is the words “High” and “Silence” being read out loud like that bitchy nun on Game of Thrones saying “Shame. Shame. Shame.” in the same voice! Creeeeeepy. Anywho, those outfits look like costumes for the censor bar !

photos: Vogue

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