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Ashish- Spring 2014- How Refreshing…

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Someone’s a fan of cancer in a can! Deliberate rips and sheds and more sequins than Liberace’s after-show cape made for a high-end, glittery gay hobo look that Mugatu would be proud of. I’m not sure what the obsession with Coca Cola is though. That shit will dissolve your teeth in like 2 days. It’s the new Meth. Yeah science, bitch! Maybe it’s a commentary on today’s toothless homeless… the more coke you drink, the more homeless you look?? I dunno… my brain is fried from lack of sleep. There’s a certain 15 month old that refuses to give up the boob at 3 am. And it has teeth!! Anywho, when the hobos speak, Ashish listens (not really).

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