Barbie Crime Scenes

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Photographer Mariel Clayton  has created a series of masterpieces involving Barbie,  crime scenes and that shady mofo, Ken. Looking at these scenes, the number one suspect that I see is either Ken (because it’s always the boyfriend ) or that jealous ghetto beeeyotch, Skipper.  I never trusted Skipper and her shifty eyes and neither should Barbie. That ho always had her eye out for Ken, secretly. She probably would put a 187 on Barbie if she knew she could get Ken all to herself for one damn minute! Barbie, guuurrrl you in danger! I’ll spare you the reenactment in my head.  Nonetheless, you can see all the crime scenes here. Pretty fascinating, if you ask me! And because I’m a gossip queen,  always like a good crime story!

photos: James St. James

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