Bat your Lashes


Check out these awesome stuff from Tatty DevineFirst off, Tatty Devine sounds like an old lady who still wears blue eyeshadow and does her hair up into a basket for week. Totally a ‘John Waters’ kind of name. Anywho, I particularly love the eyelash sunglasses- it’s really cartoony and fun. Also, the volume pin is pretty sweet. I need to stick one of those on each of my kids. Wouldn’t that be wonderful? ‘Mommy, I want this……”  as I turn down the volume. Hahahha. That holly headband is perfect for the Holidays…

Speaking of… HAVE A WONDERFUL HOLIDAY!! I, personally, can’t wait to lounge in my pajamas, drink hot cocoa, cuddle with furry creatures and fool my kids that some hairy, old,  fat dude brought them presents.

photos: Nylon 

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