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Bernhard Willhelm-Spring 2016- Bananas!

bernhard-willhelm-rtw-2016-look-02 bernhard-willhelm-rtw-2016-look-03 bernhard-willhelm-rtw-2016-look-05 bernhard-willhelm-rtw-2016-look-06 bernhard-willhelm-rtw-2016-look-09 bernhard-willhelm-rtw-2016-look-11 bernhard-willhelm-rtw-2016-look-15 bernhard-willhelm-rtw-2016-look-17 bernhard-willhelm-rtw-2016-look-34 bernhard-willhelm-rtw-2016-look-37 bernhard-willhelm-rtw-2016-look-55 bernhard-willhelm-rtw-2016-look-69

The surrounding theme of this collection was bananas! I’d say it was more like ‘hobo- hippie on a safari rave’. Fun fact: There was this one dude I remember in my college days that totally fit the profile for ‘hobo-hippie on a safari rave’. He played the bongos and never wore a shirt. He was kind of like Encino Man, but in Rhode Island.   Any who, this collection would sure be a hit, if only hobo-hippies had money!

photos: Vogue

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