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Birds of a Prey

masaya-kushino-shoes-2014-1 masaya-kushino-shoes-2014-2 masaya-kushino-shoes-2014-3 masaya-kushino-shoes-2014-5 masaya-kushino-shoes-2014-7


Japanese designer Masaya Kushino (also the designer behind Ambush) created theses bird-themed shoes using hand-dyed feathers and a heel shaped into a bird claw. Honestly, I give the guy an A+ for effort, but a sad C for execution… only because they look like something I would’ve made in high school with a pair of fake docs from Hot Topic, feathers from Michael’s and a glue gun. By the way, that skull bag looks a lot like Quasimodo. I’d still carry it.

photos: Tokyo Fashion Diaries

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