Buttoned-Down Socks

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Check out these awesome socks  by Japanese designer Erimaki Sox ! They’re like little shirts for your feet! How cool! They come in a variety of patterns, including strips (so nautical) and gingham (It’s a picnic… ON YOUR FEET! ) I wanted to order a pair or two, but the website is all in Japanese. I don’t know Japanese (for all I know it could just be Miss Mimi’s passive-aggressive scratch marks ) but, if you can read Japanese- please please please let me know so you can help me order. I think, if it’s in Yen then it translates to about $35 a pair…. which is a steal! Anyone that helps me order these, I will send you a personalized, pawed photo of Mr. Miggins, Miss Mimi, Mrs. Minky, or Ms. Coco. I’m super duper serious- I want those socks.

photos: Tokyo Diaries

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