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Cabbage Patch Fashion

jennyfax-spring-2014-tokyo-1 jennyfax-spring-2014-tokyo-12 jennyfax-spring-2014-tokyo-18 jennyfax-spring-2014-tokyo-19 jennyfax-spring-2014-tokyo-21 jennyfax-spring-2014-tokyo-27 jennyfax-spring-2014-tokyo-33 jennyfax-spring-2014-tokyo-34 jennyfax-spring-2014-tokyo-38

Japanese designer Jenny Fax dug deep into the 80’s for inspiration for her latest collection. Cabbage Patch Dolls were the main attraction at the show. This would’ve been epic if the Garbage Pail Kids were replaced with those prissy Cabbage Patch dolls. I used to have 2 Cabbage Patch Dolls and I remember when I was little I used to think they were so bad ass because they had tattoos of Xavier Roberts’ on their bums. I later discovered and started collecting Garbage Pail Kids, which to this day, remember staring for hours at each card, looking for one disgusting detail after another. My fave remains to be Ghastly Ashley. I didn’t eat pizza for months. Anywho, here’s Jenny Fax… I thought the whole thing was kinda meh.

photos: Tokyo Fashion Diaries

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