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Carly Nelson- Suspiria Collection

Recent graduate of O’More College of Design , designer Carly Nelson, unveiled her graduate collection recently that was inspired by Dario Argento’s Suspiria. I have never seen the movie, but I know it involves ballet, witches and blood, so I’m gonna have to Netflix it STAT. Anywho, I’m loving the Elizabethan collar, gingham and nefarious red coat! Fun Fact: I went to high school with Carly! She was a grade below me and we got along well. I remember she would come over after school to my house and we’d flip through Vogue magazine, listen to Bjork and watch MTV’s House of Style with Cindy Crawford and her mole. Ahhh….those were the days! Carly, you’ve come a long way!

photos: Steve Harman


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