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Carved Crayons

Hoang-Tran-s-Carved-Crayons_1 Hoang-Tran-s-Carved-Crayons_2 Hoang-Tran-s-Carved-Crayons-1 Hoang-Tran-s-Carved-Crayons-2 Hoang-Tran-s-Carved-Crayons-3 Hoang-Tran-s-Carved-Crayons-4 Hoang-Tran-s-Carved-Crayons-5 Hoang-Tran-s-Carved-Crayons-6 Hoang-Tran-s-Carved-Crayons

Artist Hoang Tran spends enormous amounts of time tediously carving crayons into your favorite Star Wars, Game of Thrones, Doctor Who and anime characters. When I was little, I used to eat crayons. Didn’t everyone? That waxy texture really appealed to me, which is probably why I soon graduated to eating the wax casing of mini babybel cheese. Okay, it was last week. Anywho, this exists and is pretty awesome. Here is his etsy.

photos: Like Cool

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