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Cat in Clothes by Heather Mattoon

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Cats In Clothes by Heather Mattoon is a series of prints featuring cats in human clothes. This is pretty brilliant because clothes can really convey your mood and preferences and we all know that cats can be a bunch of finicky felines. So naturally, if they could wear clothes, they would wear clothes based on their personalities. There’s a professor type, an emo type, a college kid type, a hoodrat type, an elegant type, a lolita type, – there’s all kinds in these drawings… I have to say that  Miss Coco would be dressed like one of those strict Catholic nuns because she’s so tight and serious. And Miss Mimi would be the bitchy, chola  princess that chews gum and has acrylic nails (literally, I put soft paws on her because she loves to scratch anything that moves). I can picture her in a Juicy Couture pink velour track suit, sharpie eyebrows and a bandana.  And Mr. Miggins … well, he would be sporting a his best tweed suit and wire rim glasses while lecturing us on Shakespeare and other dead poets. Anywho, buy them here.

Here’s Mimi channeling her inner Chola:

photo-1 photo-2


photos: Honestly, WTF

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