Cat is IN the Bag!

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Check out these awesome cat handbags by “Japanese housewife who loves cats”  PicoShut up and take my money, say I. Each bag retails for about $700, but the catch is that they sell on Ebay Japan so, naturally, there’s a blood bath of bidding, because, you know, it’s Japan and people go ape shit for this sort of stuff.

The only way I’d pay $700 for a cat handbag is if it is a direct replica of my fat, mooshy- muffin Mr. Miggins! She’d have to capture his unique combination of  ‘I don’t give an eff mostly because I’m deaf’  stare and his ‘C’est La Vie’ cat-titude for the handbag, though. Any who, this exists and does anyone know how to decipher Japanese characters….pretty please?

photos: Bored Panda

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