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Cat Portraits by Splendid Beast

Astro-Cat-Splendid-Beast-Big1-799x1024 Czar-Dog-Splendid-Beast-Big1-799x1024 Dorothy-Cat-Splendid-Beast-Big-799x1024 Geisha-Cat-Splendid-Beast-Big1-799x1024 Knight-Dog-Splendid-Beast-Big1-799x1024 Librarian-Cat-Splendid-Beast-Big-799x1024 Majesty-Cat-Splendid-Beast-Big-799x1024 Princess-Cat-Splendid-Beast-Big1-799x1024 The-Aristocrat-Large-768x985 The-Pearl-Earring-Large-768x985 The-Washington-Large-768x985

Check out these fantastic pet portraits by Splendid Beast This company allows you to send your pet’s photo and they will paint a portrait of said pet in any costume/setting you choose. So, your cat or dog can be remembered furrrever as Napoleon or The Girl with the Pearl Earring. Genius! I’m currently deciding between Professor cat or dandy suit cat for Mr. Miggins.  There are so many options and possibilities! I can picture Miss Mimi as the Geisha Girl or Marylin Monroe or something like that. And Mrs. Minky, well, I was thinking of her as a nun or something. Too weird? I dunno, but I’m placing an order right Meow!!!

photos: Splendid Beast



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