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CatCon 2017 – CATS GALORE!!!


It was that time of year for all the West Coast CAT LADIES…. CATCON!! This time the event took place in Pasadena instead of Los Angeles…. so the venue was much bigger and roomier and all on one floor, which made cat product hunting and people watching even better! Mr. Miggins decided to stay home with his cat harem  and stay clear of the insane groupies that plague THE CON. Anywho, here are some of photos that I snapped along the way… the following companies and artists stood out from the crowd… check out their instagram/sites:













A few of my favorites weren’t at Catcon this year, like Blunderpuss … but, I will survive. Until next year, Kit-iches!!MEOW!

My Wardrobe:

Playsuit: Betsey Johnson

Jewelry: Moschino

Handbag: Saint Laurent

Shoes: Irregular Choice

Cat Ears: Catdance Film Festival in Park City, Utah

photos: moi

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