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CatCon LA 2016 !

He looks like Mr. Miggins!
Purrrrrfect for my upcoming CATURDAY book!
It’s the Makeup Throne!
I love Pretty Snake ! Representing RISD!
I bought this to hang in my office.

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It was the 2nd annual CatCon LA at The Reef  last month and it was, by far, the bigger than last year! The convention offered everything from artisanal catnip to cat dresses to cat furniture to wine for cats! I was in bliss hanging out with like-minded people- CRAZY CAT LADIES AND CRAZY CAT DUDES! Some of my favorites this year were Pretty Snake , Blunderpuss, and Dirty Lola Art. I spent about about 2 hours going from booth to booth obsessing about everything cat. They had everything for every kind of cat owner, from the baldest sphynx to the fluffiest Persian. Next year, I may have a booth there for my upcoming Mr. Miggins and friends books…. we’ll see! Until next year… stay puuuuuurrrrrrrr-ty!

photos: moi

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