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Sibling- Spring 2015- BOWS!

Aaahhhhh…. there are the BOWS! I give this collection an A+++++ just for the big ass bows on everyone’s head. I also would like to give an A+++++++++++++ for the jerry curl top and dress in the 2nd and third photo. Looks like Rick James donated his immaculate, amazing hair …

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Hair Clip Tool

How awesome is this?!  It’s Leatherdos – a multi-function metal clip with a screw driver, wrench, trolley coin, ruler and a cutting edge designed by Yaacov Goldberg. The best part is you can clip it into your hair and carry it everywhere! I’m going to order this (it’s on backorder, by the …

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Undercover- Fall 2014- The Monarch

Since I have a slight obsession with anything related to the  monarchy, this collection really appealed to me. The braided hair crowns were really the draw. Also, I love the toile patterns on the last bit of the collection… not much more to say about this collection, except hopefully the …

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“Eat Cake” by Faith-Ann Young

Photographer Faith-Ann Young wandered into a the ‘House of Drama’ and started snapping away as a troupe of French performance artists. She calls this series ‘Eat Cake’. Okay, a couple of things… I only posted this because : a) I love the bright colors. b) The bearded man with the …

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Outrageous Hair

French hair stylist  Wilfred Karloff created these outlandish hair styles fit for a gothic alien invasion. Slightly frightening, yet mesmerizing, these hair-dids may become the all the rage at an alien mall in the far galaxy. Or maybe not. Anywho, this exists. photos: Haute Macabre Please follow and like us:

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Toothy Grin

Check out these Denture Bracelet and Hair Comb from ConcaveOblivion based out of LA. These are obviously from the Gary Busey collection.  That is definitely something I would wear to the dentist’s office. I don’t think many people could appreciate this sort of glamour. Maybe people in nursing homes? In any case, this …

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