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Birds of a Prey

  Japanese designer Masaya Kushino (also the designer behind Ambush) created theses bird-themed shoes using hand-dyed feathers and a heel shaped into a bird claw. Honestly, I give the guy an A+ for effort, but a sad C for execution… only because they look like something I would’ve made in high …

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Olympia Le- Tan- Fall 2014- It’s Magic!

  For inspiration, Olympia Le-Tan clearly has been downing martinis in a second-rate Las Vegas Casino while watching a cheesy magician do his thing for the millionth time…. I have to say, those shows are the BEST. Mainly, because I can sit back and people watch the audience ( I …

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Supermarket Sweep

Check out these cool accessories by French designer Yazbukey ! So kitchy , so colorful, so clever! These are all items inspired from the supermarket. The clip on corsets are the best in my opinion. You just strap it on you , no lacing required! So, you can say yes to that …

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House of Cards

Check out these plexiglass clutches by Urania Gazelli! Each clutch has playing card design, so you can collect them all… or just one. They cost about US$1100. At that price you may have to play Poker to afford one… In any case, I love these as much as I love this: Nice, …

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Glorious Glorious Meat

If in LA, stop by the Gusford Gallery to satisfy your meat and luxury item cravings – together! Artist Andrea Hasler has created “Burdens of Excess” through chewed up meat molded to Dior bags and Jimmy Choos. Seriously, my first thought was, are those Kim Kardashian’s cankles on display and did someone …

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Jess Eaton- Roadkill Couture

  Check the art of Jess Eaton. It’s made from roadkill. Feathers, bones, skulls, you name it. I have to say she’s pretty good at making a dead possum look glamorous. She also did a collection using Barbie Dolls which is totally rad! I once made a pocketbook out of …

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