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Clever Suitcase Stickers

  Check out these suitcase stickers that will have the TSA in a tizzy! These retail for about $12 at The Cheeky. Spending $12 to possibly get you a TSA fondle, miss your flight and get on the No-Fly list, basically. Sweet! I would have to choose the tied up stewardess …

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Monster Mash

  British designer Joanna Pybus  and BENGT have teamed together to create a collection called ‘Splice Me’. It’s basically clothes with monster qualities, like fuzzy fur and big google-y eyes. At least, that’s what monsters look like to me. Anywho, speaking of splicing, anybody see that effed up movie with Adrien Brody …

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Leather bows!!

As you may know, I friggin’ love BOWS! Lace, satin, velvet, vinyl, leather- if it’s in the shape of a bow, I love it. Anywho, Antwerp designer Niels Peeraer‘s spring 2013 collection is sprinkled with nude-colored leather bows on structured handbags, headpieces, necklaces and  rings- really beautiful stuff. You just have …

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Weird Random- Part 3,865

There are times where I stumble across images online that don’t fit anywhere on my blog. Not significant enough to deserve its own post, but captivating enough to mention. So, here they all are in this post called  ‘Weird Random’. –Boob Bag- You, too, can have porn star side-boob anyday of …

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The Animals of Louis Vuitton

Check out what  British artist Billie Achilleos did with a bunch of Louis Vuitton bags. Last year, taxidermist Deyrolle did the same. I like the owl the best. It has pockets for boobs. Anywho, I guess this will be a tradition every year… this collection will be making the rounds at various …

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