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Sophia Webster- Spring 2013- Doll Face

Speaking of dolls,  shoe/handbag designer Sophia Webster had an outstanding presentation of her Spring 2013 collection. Human-sized doll boxes were the backdrop for her flirty, colorful shoe and handbag collection. Seriously, it doesn’t get more awesome than this! This spring she was influenced by Aztec prints, which I really don’t like. It …

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Bag Full of Booze

  Swedish brand  Vernissage really knows how to get the lady wino’s of the world really, really excited. Make a handbag that is actually a box of wine! You could carry this elegant  number around all day everyday, everywhere and everyone would think you’re just naturally a dumb stumbling floozy, not …

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Roll it up!

Mmmm, pita bread. Mohar Design thought why not make a delicious pita sandwich out of school supplies and makeup brushes? Really, this is all kinds of cool, but I probably wouldn’t want to whip out a pita sandwich out of my backpack in class. It all stems from when I was in …

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Griffin Leather Shop

No, Griffin Leather is not Peter Griffin’s basement lair of Fifty Shades of Grey paraphernalia (sorry for that imagery)….. It’s a shop on Etsy that sells this leather plague mask and human head skull handbag. Honestly, that mask is all kinds of freaky that makes me want to run and hide under …

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Musical Bug Bag

Scandinavian DesignLab and PARISTEXAS  have teamed together to make a series of bags that look like a bug that had a musical instrument shoved up its tiny, little bug ass. Making the impossible, possible thanks to the Danish. Anywho, I really wish I was a fly on the wall (no pun) in …

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Louis Vuitton- ‘Larger Than Life’

Louis Vuitton and artist Vincent Bousserez joined forces for a brilliant series called   ‘Larger Than Life’. Tiny figures use the luxurious leather landscapes as their playground making for a wonderful scene. I love creative advertising like this! So, the artist does amazing work- check out his site, especially is art photos named ‘Plastic …

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