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Dark Crystal

Well if Bjork wears it, it means it’s cool. Here are those urchin-like headdresses from milliner Maiko Takeda that make you want to make rock crystals from Borax. These are actually made from plastic and yes, they can mess a b*tch up with a head tilt. I like how your …

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Mooshi Mooshi!

If you ever happen to be in Osaka, Japan, I think the store Jajaqucya should be on the top of your list to visit. Why? Because waffle toy hats , that’s why. Two of their own lines, Nice to Meet You and Kisotengai (“cosmically crazy” in Japanese) are stocked in …

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Wicked Ugly Wicker Hats

Only in Japan is there a store dedicated to all things wicker – Tokyo Wani Department Store. It sounds like a Floridian retirement home times ten. Anywho, I went on their website and everything was in Japanese, so I’ll make up stuff like usual. One thing that they nailed down in wicker …

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This one’s for the birds….

British milliner, Loren Wood, took a bunch of dead pigeons, partridges and other small feathered friends and put them on a hat. He also took an iguana and stuck it on a hat. They actually look cool, especially the one pigeon in the fourth photo that’s trying to escape by sliding …

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Junya Wantanabe- Spring 2013- It’s all about the headgear.

Those hats! really, that’s the only reason I’m posting this collection because the raver-Blade Runner clothes aren’t really much to write about. I think the Hellraiser one is the best in the fourth photo.. I also like the studded one in the 3rd photo…. I wonder if I can take …

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Knitted Dwarven Beards

  Check out these Knitted Beard Hats from thinkgeek… totally a geek’s dream! Not only does it keep you warm, but it makes you look like you’re into either hobos or hobbits. The braids make a nice, tidy touch to the unkempt beard. If I had a beard, I would totally grow …

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