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Sibling- Spring 2015- BOWS!

Aaahhhhh…. there are the BOWS! I give this collection an A+++++ just for the big ass bows on everyone’s head. I also would like to give an A+++++++++++++ for the jerry curl top and dress in the 2nd and third photo. Looks like Rick James donated his immaculate, amazing hair …

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Jeremy Scott- Spring 2015- Hippie Raver

This collection is like a midwestern raver tripping on patchouli fumes after watching a Shrek marathon. In other words, it totally makes sense! This is the show that the hillbilly chipmunk made an appearance at debuting her new jewelry line, which looks like a Claire’s circa 2001 exploded.  Anywho, I’m curious …

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Hair Clip Tool

How awesome is this?!  It’s Leatherdos – a multi-function metal clip with a screw driver, wrench, trolley coin, ruler and a cutting edge designed by Yaacov Goldberg. The best part is you can clip it into your hair and carry it everywhere! I’m going to order this (it’s on backorder, by the …

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Buttoned-Down Socks

  Check out these awesome socks  by Japanese designer Erimaki Sox ! They’re like little shirts for your feet! How cool! They come in a variety of patterns, including strips (so nautical) and gingham (It’s a picnic… ON YOUR FEET! ) I wanted to order a pair or two, but the website is …

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No Bones About It

The team at Ossuaria scours the land for animal carcasses to be made into jewelry, like necklaces and rings. Cat skulls, German Shepard vertebrae, fish bones and more are a few of the parts used in this macabre jewelry line. This is something we would find in Hannibal Lector‘s boudoir …

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Bringing Casino Nights Home

A trip to the casino can be incredibly fun and full of enjoyment, but the sheer reality is that it’s an expensive venue that will have devastating effects on your finances, should you become a regular visitor. It’s not the gambling that is expensive; if you win, then you can …

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