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Jeremy Scott- Spring 2015- Hippie Raver

This collection is like a midwestern raver tripping on patchouli fumes after watching a Shrek marathon. In other words, it totally makes sense! This is the show that the hillbilly chipmunk made an appearance at debuting her new jewelry line, which looks like a Claire’s circa 2001 exploded.  Anywho, I’m curious …

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Check out HyperLips by Los Angeles brand Artecnica ! Part terrifying, part ridiculous, these plastic lips will come handy when you’ve got a trip to the dentist. Totally reminds me of Willy Wonka visiting his father, the dentist. Walking around with lips like Steven Tyler in drag is sure to attract the unsavory. This calls for …

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Fondue Slippers

If you thought Crocs were the devil’s hooves, then Satsuki Ohata’s Fondue Slipper are  Lucifer’s favorite pair of lounging loafers! These are made with melted PVC that mold to your feet for a custom fit. A) They’re hideous. B) It will pick up any bunions or corns you may have and it will …

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Rodarte – Fall 2014- May The Force Be With You

Rodarte’s inspiration drew from the original Star Wars and my college theater costume design professor. That lady smelled like Sanka, Werther’s and cigarette smoke. She dressed like an extra from “Maude” everyday and was as tall as Big Bird. I never saw her without a strand of long- ass pearls …

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