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Gareth Pugh- Spring 2014- Spacey

  Continuing with a  ‘Scientologist’ theme, here’s Gareth Pugh’s latest collection. I like the addition of fluffy feathers this time around. Sometimes I just want to wrap a Miggins or three around my head and walk around all day. Doesn’t everyone?? Anywho, what can I say….. that Gareth has always …

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Madame Peripetie- Dream Sequence

Photographer Madame Peripetie’s  “Dream Sequence”  is the latest from her impressive collection of works. Dude barfing red hair? Check. A chick with the same pale, clammy face I get when I get the stomach flu? Check. An ingrown nail on a face? Check. Creepy looking dudes harboring flowers on their heads? Check. Typical …

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Tales You Lose by Andre Levy

  Brazilian artist Andre Levy has created a series of clever art called ‘Tales you Lose” involving portraits on coins from around the world. This so awesome on many levels. Firstly, to paint on such a small space is an amazing feat. Secondly, to make an ugly male politician to look like …

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