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Landscape Test Tubes

Check out this series called  Micro Matter by artist Rosa de Jong ! De Jong takes tiny building landscapes and puts them into thin, long test tubes for a creative twist on the “ship in a bottle” artworks. I’m a fan of anything that has a scientific twist to it, especially things displayed …

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The Main Reasons Why Italian Home Decor Is So Popular

When it comes to home décor, Italian designs absolutely come at the top of the line. It is, therefore, not such a surprising fact that people all over the world choose Italian home décor products. Italy has been a trendsetter and has produced some of the best designers and products …

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Miu Miu- Spring 2016

Miu Miu gave us gothic, housemaid on acid this season…. like a domesticated Blythe doll.  I can dig that. It also has a doll-ish quality that I totally approve of. Excuse me, while I go look for an organza apron somewhere. photos: Vogue Tweet

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Chanel- Spring 2016- Par Avion!

Our favorite fashionable vampire came out of the crypt and decided to do an entire collection based on air travel! Because air travel is so GLAMOROUS! From the stain-ridden seats, to the cramped leg space, to the stale nuts (lucky if you get those!), cranky stewardesses, and bed-bug ridden blankets, …

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Bernhard Willhelm-Spring 2016- Bananas!

The surrounding theme of this collection was bananas! I’d say it was more like ‘hobo- hippie on a safari rave’. Fun fact: There was this one dude I remember in my college days that totally fit the profile for ‘hobo-hippie on a safari rave’. He played the bongos and never …

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Vivienne Westwood- Spring 2016- Super-sized Couture

Vivienne Westwood’s collection this season was a hodgepodge of The Tudors, random beekeepers and that dude that sang that song ‘Burning Down the House’.  It was quite entertaining to say the least. Those oversized jackets are perfect for the airplane. Your head doesn’t hit the gross headrest and you can …

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