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This is Art?

Chicken Skin Couture

Artists Victor Ivanov and Lewis Burton went full on ‘Buffalo Bill’ with this jumpsuit made out of chicken skin. Foghorn Leghorn just shuddered and is hiding in his multi-million dollar coop.  The hilarious part of all of this, the guy strutted around in public wearing the stitched salmonella. Seriously, if I saw …

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Gore and S’more

Oh dear! Here is a super grotesque tent created by Swiss artist Andre Hasler.  Honestly, this is super disturbing to me because in a few weeks, my 8 year old has a a school camping trip coming up and already I have anxiety about not having running water, no wi-fi, eating prepackaged …

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Bird Poo Jewelry

  English artist Frances Wadsworth-Jones turns bird poo into really fugly jewelry. If you’re in the market for wearing bird feces for decoration, then it will set you back US$4 grand. Yes, as in $4,000! In this economy, you could totally DIY by just sitting under a tree for a …

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Painting by Boobs

I gotta hand it to the ladies with the big kahunas…. as a lady with a small stature (I’m a shrimpy 5’2″ and usually weigh less than a large German Shepard), I’m sort of lucky to have small boobs that don’t infringe on my stomach sleeping, don’t really bounce when …

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I’m Melting…..

Multi-media artist May Sum sure knows how to make a thing of beauty horrifically mutilated. Seriously, these lipsticks carved into Hollywood legends are all just a carve away from being the after photo of a Beverly Hills plastic surgeon.  If looking like a melted candle in the wind is the look, then …

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The Monsters of Piccinini

  These are some creepy-ass sculptures by artist  Patricia Piccinini. It’s like a mash up of Gollum, Jar Jar Binks and Donald Trump’s hair. The first time I saw these, I did a double take because I thought they were babies or animals with birth defects, so I let out a loud …

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