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This is Art?

Lorenzo Nanni’s Strange Art

Check out Paris-based artist  Lorenzo Nanni’s designs. I can’t help to think of mold, petri dish growths. But, I’m in a yeast infection sort of mind , so don’t mind me… maybe Lorenzo is, too! I am digging the corset that looks like intestines. It’s like the inside has been …

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Central Saint Martins- Fall 2011- WTF- Part 2,594

Jenny Postle Pierong Wu Myrza De Muynck Shaun Samson Raffele Ascione Viktor Smedinge ——————————————————————————————————————————————— So, Central Saint Martins in England showed their student fashion shows and here are what those wacky kids came up. I totally sound like that one old man that yells at the neighborhood kids to get …

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Louise Gray- Fall 2011- A Mess.

In the past, I have written about Louise Gray . I admire her ability to basically not give a sh*t and do what she wants do. However, (with the exception of the awesome half black/half polka-dotted rain boots) this collection was pretty damn awful. I’m not sure if it was …

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