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Candy Candy

What a cool online store! Candy Candy is UK-based, but shipped worldwide and carry loads of cat and kitschy items that I’d die for. Mushroom candle- check! Elephant tea set-check! Kitty cameo bow and kitty pressed powder- check and CHECK! Seriously, any product with a cat’s face on it is a …

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Erevos Aether- Fall 2012- Meeeeeeeoooowwwww….

First things first- am I getting old because I can’t see sh*t with all this black on black. Seriously, shine a light on a ho for god’s sake. That being said, designer Erevos Aether went for a Catwoman theme for her Fall 2012 collection. I can’t see anyone wearing this any other …

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Bernhard Willhelm- Fall 2012- Sporty Punk

Designer Bernhard Willhelm went all out punk with a dash  of sport. I’m really liking the tiger shorts in the last two looks. Besides that , I think the rest is all a massive mess. The Braveheart face paint is definitely not helping. I do have to say that those unraveling sweaters …

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Landscapes made of Books

Artist Guy Laramee has a lot of time to kill with these incredibly detailed landscapes chiseled onto books, encyclopedias and anything else that the iPad killed. Seriously, I have to hand it to him for making such creations because a) it requires a super steady hand b) a lot of imagination and c) mad …

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Soren Bach Millinery

  Don’t ask me if these are cool, because I will reply, “If it’s fluffy, it’s fo sho COOL!”. So,  cool it is because they are probably as snuggle-y as the furrrrrrr queen, Mr. Marmar. And as added bonus, they’re all the colors a tween girl I love! My fave …

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