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Easy Canvas Prints- GIVEAWAY CONTEST!

I don’t usually do give aways , but this was really cool, so I had to share! It’s a site called Easy Canvas Prints that allows you to upload any photo and make it into a beautiful canvas print in any size. I decided to make this into an 8×10 …

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Fur Baby

I’m loving Andrei Amado‘s Fall 2011 collection, not because it’s fashion-forward and original, but because I want to burrow my face into that soft, cuddly fur! It really is like a surrogate Mr. Marmar. I would definitely pack one of those outfits on a trip, just so I can snuggle …

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Kitty paws!

OMG! OMG!OMG! Has Christian Louboutin invaded my brain while I was sleeping ?? This is the most genius thing I have seen since this. It’s one of those things that you wonder, duh… kitty paw heels… why wasn’t this ever made? I guess it’s similar in some ways to these paws… …

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A Stitch in Time

Check out these cool magazine covers and fashion ads by Inge Jacobsen– she stitched these by hand and each cover took her 2 months. That’s a lot of patience! Once upon a time, I used to needle-craft like an golden-aged, church lady on a mission! It was addictive and I would …

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