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karl lagerfeld

Chanel- Spring 2014- Art School

  Oh that Karl… he’s gotten all artsy fartsy on us. Which is ok, because I actually like this collection. I don’t love love love it, but I like it. The paint swatches are what really have me excited. The thyroid tumor pearl necklaces are also rad in my book. …

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Tattoo Stockings

  Although I really would like to punch the A-hole who created pantyhose in the balls, I have to say these stockings are actually really cool. Pantyhose, as you may know, is the leading cause of feminine itching, feminine aggression and overall annoyance of the female kind. It also can …

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Ice Cream Heels

Karl the Kaiser has designed these Ice Cream Cone Shoes for Melissa. These are pretty sweet in my opinion and wouldn’t expect Karl ” She’s a little too fat” Lagerfeld to design these. I mean, ice cream adds more flesh and fat to a body of a mortal which is totally vomitotious …

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