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Thom Browne- Fall 2016- A Tornado hits Fashion!

Elegantly trapped in a tornado, the models at Thom Browne were well-poised and calm wearing tweeds and furs. The juxtaposition of conservative suits and jumbled sequences of extra fabric and mismatched parts created a dramatic look fit for a typical boring office. What I’m trying to say, is that I …

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Thom Browne- Fall 2016 -Mens’ Hobo Collection

Thom Browne’s Men’s Collection was all about the tattered and torn hobo coats of yesteryears. In other words, it was a moth’s amusement park and people were, apparently, excited over this. The bowler hats were covering the models’ faces so that was already impressive that they didn’t bump into each …

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Chanel – Spring Haute Couture 2016- Eco-friendly Couture

Karl the Kaiser produced the latest Chanel Couture collection with the environment in mind. No, he didn’t scrounge through the local Sal’s boutique to up cycle vintage threads into something new, but rather he took organic cottons and wood chips (among other things) to create a whole collection. Basically, he …

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