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The Nutcracker-Robot style

Here is German designer Matthias Zschaler ‘s version of the Nutcracker- a wooden robot. I actually collect the traditional nutcracker and put them all over the house during the holidays. This would make a great addition to my collect, probably perfect in a child’s room. Although, I can picture my 8 year …

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Mini-Moog and Woouf

Check out these awesome home furnishings from Woouf ! My favorite is the mini- moog couch and the England suitcase bench.  Their products are brilliant for the artiste or musician in your life. Too bad the prices are not on a starving artist’s budget… That mini-moog sofa is 1480 Euros, which is like US$2500 …

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The Toe-Plow

Living in California, I’ve completely forgotten how much of a pain in the ass snow can be. When I hear New England (where I grew up)  is being blasted by a storm, I don’t think of plowing driveways, icy sidewalks and  freezing balls anymore. I think of cuddling with cozy …

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Knitted Dwarven Beards

  Check out these Knitted Beard Hats from thinkgeek… totally a geek’s dream! Not only does it keep you warm, but it makes you look like you’re into either hobos or hobbits. The braids make a nice, tidy touch to the unkempt beard. If I had a beard, I would totally grow …

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Ashish- Spring 2013- Seriously Serious.

Ashish is cereal, I mean, serious about fashion. The models look elegantly unshowered, and freshly rolled out of bed thanks to the rat’s nest of a hair and nerdy glasses. Seriously, I have to honest, this is what I look like every morning of my life. BUT, I do not own a …

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Extra Baggage?

According to the the creator of Jaktogo, John Power, ‘Only fools pay for extra  luggage, clever people have a Jaktogo!” I guess I’m a fool for not looking like a fool! HHAHAHAHAHA.  “The Jaktogo” is a very large coat that carries your extra belongings while traveling. Basically, it’s  traveling hobo …

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