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iPlate for PhotoShop Geeks

Photoshop nerd and designer Todd Borka has created the iPlate, a series of plates with the tools/screens printed on them to confuse you more about what you’re about the eat. It’s pretty cute if you’re a photoshop slave at a fashion/gossip magazine. Besides that, it’s pretty damn strange to have around the house. …

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Cool design ideas by Anton Repponen

Check out these cool designs by Anton Repponen. I guess some are just design ideas and some are actually available for purchase, not sure which ones, though. Those milk bottles are super rad. I’m not really into milk unless it’s accompanied by cereal or cookies, but if they were in bottles …

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Cool Stuff from Fred Flare

Check out these cool stuff at Fred Flare! You can visit their store in Brooklyn or buy off their site.  Hello Kitty ring– brassknuckle -style for the bad-ass in your life. And it’s a BOW!!! Meow, I love Cats book– Like , durrrrr…. this is a classic masterpiece, like a …

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Pencil Portraits

Australian artist Ghostpatrol used pencils as his canvas by scraping the wood to reveal a natural background and sketching cool images similar to Yoshitomo Nara. I wonder if he did each pencil individually or just glued down the pencils and drew then all together. Either way, this would be a great craft project …

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Paper Jewelry by Saloukee

        Designed by UK designer Sarah Kelly, Saloukee specializes in 3D paper jewelry. Check out the rivets and laser cut detailing! It’s like the most romantic office jewelry ever! I will never look at a file folder the same way again. What’s funny is that they specialize in ‘first …

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Toy Jewelry by Alter Ego

  Alter Ego jewelry takes vintage toys, aka ‘toys that you banished to Sal’s boutique when you turned 12’ and makes them into jewelry with prices that make you go ‘b*tch please’. Seriously, they are really cool stuff, but with a drill bit, beads and some elastic found in your crafting …

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