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Knit Kimono

Check out these heavy knit kimonos by Peruvian designer Jorge Salinas! Each one must weigh about ten  Mr. Miggins... that’s heavy! Who needs a sauna when you’ve got these heat cocoons… Any who, this exists and they are very, very awesome. photos: Tokyo Fashion Diaries Please follow and like us:

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Make A Wish……

“Dandelion” is a photo set by vegetal artist Duy Anh Nhan Duc and photographer Isabelle Chapuis. These photos are definitely unsettling, yet beautiful. They could totally trigger hay fever if you stare at them too long. Any who, these exist and so does a job named ‘vegetal artist'(???). photos: Bored Panda …

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Knit Wit

Upcycled knitwear designer Katie Jones knitted a collection of witty knits that are sure to fit anyone that can sit and has a set of …. ____.(You fill in the blank!) A little tongue twister for ya… Any who, I love knitwear except I have to be careful it doesn’t make …

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