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Guitar Doll House

  Check out this guitar dollhouse created by Fairy Meadow Miniatures ! I just love tiny things! I can picture a group of hipster mice living in there. One would be all strung out on cheese. The other would not have bathed for a year. And the other mouse with fake dark-rimmed …

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Leather bows!!

As you may know, I friggin’ love BOWS! Lace, satin, velvet, vinyl, leather- if it’s in the shape of a bow, I love it. Anywho, Antwerp designer Niels Peeraer‘s spring 2013 collection is sprinkled with nude-colored leather bows on structured handbags, headpieces, necklaces and  rings- really beautiful stuff. You just have …

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Betsey Johnson- Spring 2013- Forever a Girly Punk

First off, I thought Betsey Johnson closed everywhere, so there wouldn’t be anymore tutus and animal print for us out there anymore. I am pleased to see she’s continuing, because where else would we get overpriced girly punk prom dresses? Obviously, my fave look is the raccoon outfit. That is …

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