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Hair Clip Tool

How awesome is this?!  It’s Leatherdos – a multi-function metal clip with a screw driver, wrench, trolley coin, ruler and a cutting edge designed by Yaacov Goldberg. The best part is you can clip it into your hair and carry it everywhere! I’m going to order this (it’s on backorder, by the …

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Japanese designer Hisui unveiled their Fall 2014 collection inspired by folkloric ensembles and that neighborhood hobo wrapped in all sorts of blankets, jackets and pants in the middle of April. I actually like this collection because it looks all sorts of cozy mozy. And I really like the built-in tables at the …

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Buttoned-Down Socks

  Check out these awesome socks  by Japanese designer Erimaki Sox ! They’re like little shirts for your feet! How cool! They come in a variety of patterns, including strips (so nautical) and gingham (It’s a picnic… ON YOUR FEET! ) I wanted to order a pair or two, but the website is …

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The Dissected Cake

Check out this ‘The Dissected Cake’  by artist Annabel de Vetten of Conjurer’s Kitchen. It’s a real edible cake and no actual humans were harmed in making this. This is so badass!   Definitely a cake for Halloween, but not so much a wedding cake unless your name is Morticia Addams. …

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It’s Tea Time!

Check out these transforming tea bags! . “Transforming tea – chamomile tea bags with stressing symbols turn into calm ones once the tea is dissolved.” -according to ad agency M&C Saatchi for tea company BOH. Miss Mimi needs her own tea bag morphing from hissy cat to calm cat. And how …

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Beautiful Burial

Since we’re on the subject of dead animals….Here is a series called “Natura Morta” by Maria Ionova-Gribina. Maria was bike riding along the sea somewhere in her native Russia where she found these cute dead little creatures. They all had one thing in common- they all said ‘bye, bitch’ without a proper send …

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