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Food Art

I didn’t know that there was such a thing called a Food stylist, but Food Stylist Anna Keville Joyce has created a series of incredible works of art only involving food items. Being pregnant and all, I’d probably start nibbling here and there if I was on set until all the food …

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Photographer David Benoliel shot a fashion spread called In the Edge for Zink Magazine that’s making me want to slather baby oil all over me and roll around in metal. Ok, not really… but, this is pretty cool and the jewelry is to die for. I’ve got a few armored rings that I bought …

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It’s Friday!!!

Okay, being a mom, it doesn’t really matter if it’s Friday or not… it’s not like I can sleep in, BUT, it’s the weekend, which means I have more time to bake yummy delights that will only last a few hours in our house. Here are some yummy yums that …

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Kookoo for Kukukaland!

Artist Naty Abramovitch creates the most intricate paintings with images of half -naked chicks, fantastical creatures and gore. In other words, it’s right up my alley! I see a little bit of Mark Ryden and Marion Peck in these, which is fine with me. Check out her other AWESOME works on …

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Pam Hogg- Fall 2014- dedicated to Pussy Riot

Here is British designer Pam Hogg’s Fall 2014 collection dedicated to Pussy Riot.…I love the theatrical aspect of this collection. Always something to look forward to with Pam Hogg. Always colorful, always interesting and sometimes WTF. Sounds good to me! photos: Fashion 156 Tweet

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