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Sweet Dreams

While we’re on the subject of messed up Japanese products…. You can find these creative beddings masquerading as sweet rolls and bread at Felissimo in Japan. The question is…. do they make Cronut sleeping bags?? Because that would be perfect to sleep in a cronut sleeping bag while waiting in line for …

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House of Cards

Check out these plexiglass clutches by Urania Gazelli! Each clutch has playing card design, so you can collect them all… or just one. They cost about US$1100. At that price you may have to play Poker to afford one… In any case, I love these as much as I love this: Nice, …

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Fancy Hermit Crab Shells

Japanese artist Aki Inomata sure knows how to make a castle for a crab. A hermit crab that is! These ‘shells’ are made from plastic and are shaped in the form of city skylines and what not. And they’re all clear so you can see the whole damn crab. A few years …

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Armadillo Gloves

The weather is getting chillier, why not get a pair of armadillo mittens? Esty store muratyusuf makes these custom made gloves with the unusual critter sitting on top of your hand. It looks kind of like a rat. I think rodents are sort of cute, so I totally would get a pair …

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