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Tattoo Stockings

  Although I really would like to punch the A-hole who created pantyhose in the balls, I have to say these stockings are actually really cool. Pantyhose, as you may know, is the leading cause of feminine itching, feminine aggression and overall annoyance of the female kind. It also can …

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Mini-Moog and Woouf

Check out these awesome home furnishings from Woouf ! My favorite is the mini- moog couch and the England suitcase bench.  Their products are brilliant for the artiste or musician in your life. Too bad the prices are not on a starving artist’s budget… That mini-moog sofa is 1480 Euros, which is like US$2500 …

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Dark Crystal

Well if Bjork wears it, it means it’s cool. Here are those urchin-like headdresses from milliner Maiko Takeda that make you want to make rock crystals from Borax. These are actually made from plastic and yes, they can mess a b*tch up with a head tilt. I like how your …

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