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Tales You Lose by Andre Levy

  Brazilian artist Andre Levy has created a series of clever art called ‘Tales you Lose” involving portraits on coins from around the world. This so awesome on many levels. Firstly, to paint on such a small space is an amazing feat. Secondly, to make an ugly male politician to look like …

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Guest Post: Shabby Apple

Check out this cool site called Shabby Apple! They specialize in vintage clothing  but without the old, grandma smell. It’s all brand new clothing, but with a vintage twist. They sent me this rad black dress with a BOW!!! You know how much I adore bows, so this is HUGE for me. …

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The Blonds- Spring 2014- MoonWalk

  The theme of this season’s show was Space and the Moon and stuff. Not sure how the Tweety Bird outfit in the 2nd photo fits in , but I’ll go with it…. The Blonds always have the most dramatic shows during New York Fashion Week, so I love them …

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Betsey Johnson- Spring 2014- Girlie Punk

  Betsey Johnson washed the dye out of hair, cleaned up, put on her business suit and marched right into NY fashion week like she meant it. She’s not going let a little thing called ‘bankruptcy’ get her down. Although she closed all her stand alone boutiques, she still does …

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Anatomy Sweater

Check out this  vintage sweater on Great White Vintage on Etsy! Some lucky bastard already bought it, but one can still dream, right?! Whoever made this masterpiece needs to pony up and make a bodysuit like this. And add a few rhinestones here and there. Rhinestones make EVERYTHING better. photos: Who Killed …

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