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Chocolate Weapons

Who doesn’t want a chocolate glock?! This the best thing since candy cigarettes (not really) and banned Kinder eggs! Seriously, it’s one of those why- didn’t -I think- of -that- ideas. Chocolate Weapons makes Dick Cheney’s favorite toys out of chocolate in the form of a bullets, hand grenades and …

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Fur Baby

I’m loving Andrei Amado‘s Fall 2011 collection, not because it’s fashion-forward and original, but because I want to burrow my face into that soft, cuddly fur! It really is like a surrogate Mr. Marmar. I would definitely pack one of those outfits on a trip, just so I can snuggle …

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Lanvin- Resort 2012- Mini-Lanvin

It seems like suddenly every designer that ever was is doing a resort collection. I scrolled through most of them and nothing really caught my eye except some mental hospital inspired collection (see below) and this: a collection bows and cute little ladies! Lanvin unveiled their children’s collection, which I …

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The Art of Maleonn Ma

Chinese Artist Maleonn Ma takes the most effed up dreams and makes them into lovely art. Seriously, these are things you dream when you eat that late night pizza with buffalo chicken on top. I don’t know about you, but when I eat heavy, spicy meals late night, I dream up …

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Kitty paws!

OMG! OMG!OMG! Has Christian Louboutin invaded my brain while I was sleeping ?? This is the most genius thing I have seen since this. It’s one of those things that you wonder, duh… kitty paw heels… why wasn’t this ever made? I guess it’s similar in some ways to these paws… …

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