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Miu Miu- Spring 2016

Miu Miu gave us gothic, housemaid on acid this season…. like a domesticated Blythe doll.  I can dig that. It also has a doll-ish quality that I totally approve of. Excuse me, while I go look for an organza apron somewhere. photos: Vogue Tweet

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Granny Cross-stitched Tattoos

   Turkish Tattoo artist Eva Krbdk specializes in cross-stitch tattoo designs when she’s not hogging consonants for her last name. Vowels are so passe. Any who, these tattoos are pretty awesome because it has a granny -chic quality to it. I’m always down for granny chic mixed with punk, so this is right …

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Spookshow Pinups By Ant Lucia

Check out these lady super heroes as 1940’s pinups by artist Ant Lucia! I love that pin-up look, but lately I feel like it’s been overdone and can get a little cheezy… I was really into pin-up stuff probably about 10 years, but I guess it is a timeless look. Anywho, check …

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Comic Book Heros almost save the day….

  Check out these enhanced, striking photos by  Brazil-based Art Director Butcher Billy. Each of these iconic war photographs have been photoshopped to include a comic book hero somewhere in the scene. Already these photos are very dramatic, but I feel with the comic book heroes, it sort of trivializes the whole …

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Cabbage Patch Fashion

Japanese designer Jenny Fax dug deep into the 80’s for inspiration for her latest collection. Cabbage Patch Dolls were the main attraction at the show. This would’ve been epic if the Garbage Pail Kids were replaced with those prissy Cabbage Patch dolls. I used to have 2 Cabbage Patch Dolls and I …

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Guest Post: Shabby Apple

Check out this cool site called Shabby Apple! They specialize in vintage clothing  but without the old, grandma smell. It’s all brand new clothing, but with a vintage twist. They sent me this rad black dress with a BOW!!! You know how much I adore bows, so this is HUGE for me. …

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