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Gareth Pugh- Spring 2016- Those masks!

Oh my! Those masks! It’s like Ziggy Stardust and Rihanna’s ten head mated and shat out these eldritch faces! Gareth Pugh loves to reference aliens and other-worldly beings, so this gothic glam-rock collection is not too far off. Amazingly, this season he ventured into a little more color, albeit only …

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Ghastly Band Aids

Boo-Boos Adhesive Bandages are band aids that look like a nasty wound when worn over your nasty wound. It’s like a wig for your hair… if that makes sense?? Any who, these are available for US $10 for four bandages. I’d like a very brave fast food service worker to wear …

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Chunky, Clunky, Funky Heels

These shoes by Japanese designer Wataru Sato are FUG, yet captivating. I had to post these because they remind me of these shoes by John Fluevog I used to wear in high school all time. They looked like witch shoes- black with white stitching. I wore the crap out of …

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Runaway Hobo Stick

What in hobo hell is this?! This is a real item for sale on Etsy. It will only set you back $59…. it’s a ‘hobo bindle’ for the lady looking for a bit of transient flair in her wardrobe. Honestly, if a carry a bindle, it would be strictly for the …

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Wearable Furniture

  Designer Hussein Chalayan designed a collection of wearable furniture called  Afterwords.  Check out the video of it in action, here. This is good news for lazy furniture movers. All they have to do is wear, walk and drop. IKEA is totally going to rip this off and call it “Flädvoolorfmjdhajkgns”…. or something …

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Rick Owens- Fall 2015- Alien Chic

  Here’s the 2015 cruise collection for Scientologists in the fashion- know…. Those gold and silver faces are not here to scare us straight under our beds, but to gently remind us that aliens get facials, too. It’s up to you what kind of facial- hahahahaha. I’ll stop.  Any who, here’s …

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