Cats in History

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Philadelphian illustrator Christina Hess is my newest favorite artist because she understands the cats place…. as BOSS. It’s already a wonder why cats don’t run the world, as it is. I mean, Mr. Miggins, Miss Coco, Miss Mimi and Mrs. Minky sure do run our household. They meow and stalk until they get their way, which is pretty much an aggressive tactic to run our household, but they totally get WHAT they want, WHEN they want. I have to say the Marie Antoinette pose was already done by me and my kitty posse (Mr. Marmar and Miss Darcheen- RIP) back in the day. See:


Anywho, I’m going to have to stage a photoshoot for Mr. Miggins in a Napoleon outfit.

photos: Juxtapoz

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