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Central Saint Martins- Fall 2011- WTF- Part 2,594

Jenny Postle

Pierong Wu

Myrza De Muynck

Shaun Samson

Raffele Ascione

Viktor Smedinge


So, Central Saint Martins in England showed their student fashion shows and here are what those wacky kids came up. I totally sound like that one old man that yells at the neighborhood kids to get off his lawn. Sorry for that.

Anyway, Jenny Postle surely scores points for using up all the leftover scrap fabrics to make a whole new outfit. I hope Fozzie Bear isn’t too cold.

Pierong Wu totally has mastered the art of the barefoot mental patient.

Myrza has been watching too much ‘Golden Girls’. It’s like those pastel warm-up suits prevalent at the in Senior Center in Palm Springs.

Shaun has been hanging around Pierong too much.

Raffele is one to watch- I like the asymmetrical apron on the side of that dress on the right.

Viktor should just save time and use toilet paper rolls and cardboard cut outs.

Voila! Let’s see what other fupe stuff the kids come up with next season!

photos: Fashion 156

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