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Chanel- Fall 2014- Supermarket Sweep

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The latest Chanel collection was a little meh, clothes wise, but accessory-wise it was fantastic! Candy necklaces, milk carton handbags, packaged- meat  Chanel pocketbooks, tweed padlocks, tweed sunglasses and of course, the chainlink  shopping baskets! It was exactly what I love about Chanel… a little tongue-in-cheek,  but chic. I also loved that everything in the ‘supermarket’ was real food with a Chanel label. If I were there, I would swipe one of everything…apparently, the food was donated to local food shelters, which I’m wondering if the French homeless (which are far and few between) will appreciate that they’re dining on couture cuisine. Anywho, I’ve got a Moschino milk carton handbag from the ’90s that I will definitely break out this season! Yay for Chanel!!


photos: Style Bubble

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