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Chanel-Haute Couture- Spring 2014- Posh Pixie

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Is it me or do all the models look like Tinkerbell after she married her sugar daddy? I, personally, loved this collection just for the fact that everything is sparkley, shimmery and twee. It’s like a fairy came to Karl the Kaiser one night while he was sucking the blood of a virgin unicorn and he had a revelation (kinda like my friend who went from depressed goth to pop lover after listening to ‘Sign’ by  Ace of Base)! Fairies! Pixies! Quilted knee-pads and fanny packs! Seriously, though, this has to be one of my favorite collections- it’s perfect for the spring that is sure to come late to those in the polar vortex. I’m really loving the sneakers, which are rumored to cost about 3,000 euros. Yeah, time to whip out the glue gun! Anywho, hurray for Karl for breaking out of the memaw cycle.


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