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Chanel- Spring 2015- This screams feminism.

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Karl the Cadaver was clutching his new iPhone 6 at the close his Chanel fashion show, which can only mean one thing: it’s his new prop to lure fresh blood into his lair for frequent feedings! Zombies, they’re just like us when it comes to Apple products! No, I kid… Chanel’s show this season focused on feminism because, well, it’s the thing to do these days. If this was about true feminism, the models would strut down the catwalk with hairy legs and furry armpits. They’d also have no make-up. They would be wearing ‘comfortable’ shoes and wearing flannel. They’d also be roaming the aisles of Home Depot with the Indigo Girls playing in the background, not a Parisian street with dance music. In other words,  it would’ve been a lesbo-hippie affair with fugly clothes! Well-played, Karl, well-played!

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